The Story Behind Street Fighter's Greatest Moment

We probably all know the general story of Moment 37 and the famous Daigo Parry that displayed a serious talent for Street Fighter blocking. But for our second episode of Kotaku Compete, you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the feelings and the people behind the moment, and how it’s affected them since.


This piece originally appeared 9/17/15.

Hear from the players themselves—Justin Wong (Chun-Li) and Daigo Umehara (Ken)—on what their experiences were like both leading up to and following one of competitive gaming’s most thrilling moments.

Look for a new episode next Thursday.

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I feel like these videos are more than a little vague so far. I appreciate the desire to focus on the people, not the games, but there’s a terrible lack of context to really give their accomplishments weight.

Today’s video, for example, didn’t illustrate whatsoever the actual complexity of that parry, or what skill it took to do so. There’s no attempt to connect people outside of the fighting game scene to why that was such a stellar moment, and not just a guy blocking something.

The previous video had a similar problem; too much talking head interviews instead of using voiceovers and illustrative footage or explanations.

Show, don’t tell! And don’t assume your audience is already well versed in the mechanics involved!