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The Steam Stream Plays Broforce, The Most Patriotic Game Of All

SteamedSteamedSteamed is dedicated to all things in and around Valve’s PC gaming service.

It’s almost the Fourth of July, so why not?

In addition to Broforce—which just launched its timely Freedom Update—I’m also gonna play one Secret Bonus Patriotic Game. Which one? Like a firework going off in your hair, it’s a surprise.


Tune in below, and as ever, head on over to Twitch and join the chat (unless you’re a jerk). [Update: the stream’s over, but you can view all the carnage here. Also the chair-nage, because the secret second ultra patriotic eaglegun game was Home Improvisation. Nothing is more patriotic than awful IKEA snap-together furniture. Nothing.]

The Steam Stream is a marathon of recently released Steam games that airs every Wednesday afternoon, er, most of the time. The goal? To help you sift through the ceaseless avalanche that is Steam’s “new releases” section in a quick, easily digestible fashion. If you hate the unbridled havoc of moving pictures and prefer slow, easy-going words, fear not: each of these games will also get brief write-ups that will explain why you should (or shouldn’t) care about them.


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Broforce is fantastic. They really nail the flow and the challenge is just right for coop between players with disparate skills. I picked it up a few months ago to play with my sister and it’s not only the best, most developed, most functional Early Access game I’ve ever bought, it’s one of my favorite PC games period, and we spend 6 hours every weekend messing about in the game’s many modes. Love it! Love Broforce! Broforce!