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Today I'm playing a bunch of new Steam releases for your viewing pleasure, foremost among them a first/third-person survival game based on Atari arcade classic Asteroids. Yeah, the one with the little triangle ship. No, I don't get it either. Watch below.

Other games on the docket for today: Avatar: The Last Airbender-esque action game Son of Nor, biofeedback horror adventure (sans biofeedback, in this case) Nevermind, build-your-own-spaceship extravaganza Captain Forever Remix, and maybe one or two others. Enjoy!

Update: Done! You can watch it all here. The short version: Asteroids was kinda boring, Son of Nor didn't work so well, Nevermind was fascinatingly surreal, and Captain Forever Remix was the cutest, greatest thing. Watch it all:


To watch the second (arguably better) part, you'll have to go here. For some reason Kinja will only duplicate the first part, no matter where and how many times I enter the embed code for the second. Sorry about that.

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