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The Steam mobile app just got a major update. Primarily, it adds new Steam Guard functionality and the ability to take care of Steam market transactions while on the go. It is, however, still kinda clunky in places. Oh well, progress! Can we get in-home streaming to our phones next?


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just reinstalled the app on my phone, they’ve come a long way with the steam app from it’s first iteration. That mobile 2 factor auth is slick, similar to blizzard’s but with actual steam functionality tacked on to boot. I learned my lesson from not having a account authenticator back when d3 first came out. Someone hacked my account while i was actively playing the game and booted me offline. once i got back in, i found they had logged in, changed my password, started a new character and added people to my friends list all within 15 minutes. Luckily blizzard’s account recovery team was on it and i setup the mobile auth immediately after. never had a problem since.