The Star of the Next Call of Duty Could Be This Machine-Gun Quadcopter

The sun sets every day. And it rises, too. You can depend on things like that. Just like the yellow gas giant we orbit around, you can also depend on a new Call of Duty game coming out this year. No surprise there, right? But what kinds of terrible, death-dealing technology will it feature, you ask?

FPS Russia acts like the military-grade RC toy might be a killstreak in Blacker Ops 2: The Eclipsening or whatever the next big Activision FPS is going to be called. He wants you to think that he's got insider information but is still a bit unsure. Well, given that this video is sponsored by his friends "The makers of Call of Duty," he's probably pretty sure. What do you think?


(Thanks, tipster Twisted Metal 2)


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This might be a viral marketing of the next call of duty, as it is mentioned in the video.

Plus see in the bottom left corner of the video, in 5:01, it says,

"a big thank you to my friends the makers of Call of Duty for sponsoring the video" get it, it's probably fake, cool, but fake, kthnxbye!