The Sordid Story Of The Gizmondo May Come To Movie Theaters

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Tiger Telematics' spectacularly failed Gizmondo portable game machine may be the most exciting industry misfires of all time. Someone thinks it's potentially exciting enough to be brought to the silver screen.


Of course, one of the most interesting characters attached to the drama that was the Gizmondo is Swedish businessman Bo Stefan Eriksson. He's probably best known for destroying a Ferrari Enzo, one that was illegally imported, worth one million dollars. But he's also known for blowing through $300 million in Gizmondo capital with his hardware launching cohorts, being arrested on grand theft auto charges, and having an alleged organized crime past.


The Hollywood Reporter writes that writer-director Craig Zobel and producer Beau Flynn have optioned Eriksson and Gizmondo's story, hoping to put the tale of the failed handheld in front of a lens. They've optioned the 2006 Wired story "Gizmondo's Spectacular Crack-up" for a potential movie.

Yes, that's potential. Just because the rights to that Wired piece have been optioned doesn't mean that a movie will ultimately be made about Eriksson and crew.

Still, it could make for very interesting cinema, if done right. And that means not showing any Gizmondo in-game footage during the film.

Con man's story a real 'Crack-up' [The Hollywood Reporter via Gizmodo] [Image Credit]

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Char Aznable

Oh... were these the same guys that ran Motorex, the Nissan Skyline importing company? Because they did the same sorts of things.