Welcome to Snacktaku Sliders, where I compare the magical works of art crafted by supremely talented, highly paid food photographers to the slightly less magical creations of the underpaid staff at the fine-ish franchise eateries America has to offer. First up, the bacon, egg and cheese McGriddle from McDonald's.

I picked the McGriddle for the first Snacktaku Slider for two reasons. One, the McGriddle has never been featured prominently on the front page of a video game website. And two, it was 8:30 in the morning and everything else was closed, which I suspect is the primary motivation that fuels McDonald's entire breakfast business.

Surprisingly enough, the prepared McGriddle holds up quite well to its professionally posed counterpart. The layers are out of order, which explains why the cheese isn't gracefully draped. The bacon placement is obviously more slipshod, but nothing less than I'd expect from an unskilled craftsman. The egg dangles promiscuously from the confines of the syrup-infused bun. It's not nearly as horrible as I expected.

In fact, if it weren't for the painfully prolapsed top McGriddle bun, the amateur build could almost be ready for a shot at the big time.


Tug the slider left and right to explore the subtle contrast. Which would you rather eat? If your answer is neither then you might live long enough to make it to next week's Snacktaku Slider.