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You can usually count on a PlayStation 3 to be a slick, dependable piece of hardware. PlayStation executives...less so. Some like to shoot their mouths off from time to time. But this quote from Kaz Hirai stopped me dead in my tracks.

A console always needs a solid core of games that appeal to gamers...If you go mainstream too quickly and don't support the core gaming audience then you lack the pillar to support your platform. Without this pillar you end up with a fickle audience that might be big but will probably move on.


Why? Because I agree 100% with the man. It's been my biggest fear/concern for Nintendo for a while now that when the wind changes - and one day, it will - they'll be left without that "pillar", and fall flat on their faces.

People often make fun of Sony for going on and on about a "ten year lifespan" for the PS3, but the tale of the tortoise and the hare has been told and re-told for a reason.

Interview: Playstation boss Kaz Hirai [The Guardian]

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