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The Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Cycle is Complete

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

All good and terrifically frustrating things must come to an end, and for countless parents, children, and collectors the release of the final three Skylanders figures marks the end of an era, to be followed later this year by the beginning of another.

Prepare to plug those last three holes in your Skylanders roster as Warnado, Wham-Shell and Camo begin rolling out to retail locations across the country, completing the Air, Water, and Life groups and giving everyone a chance to rest up and save up for the release of Skylanders: Giants this fall.


I've had a little hands-on time with each of the final releases, and while I wouldn't say Toys for Bob and Activision saved the best for last, you can't beat Wham-Shell for pure melee power, and Warnado's spin attack is rather impressive as well. Can't say I'm feeling Camo's odd Firecracker Vines secondary, which sends out snaking vines to harm encroaching enemies, but that might be due to my strong anti-life stance. Plants are garnish, kids.

Check out the gallery for some exclusive screens of the final three in action, and check out their official bios below.


Element: Air
Primary Attack: Spin Attack
Secondary Attack: Summon Tornado

Bio: Warnado was hatched in the fury of a rare and powerful Enchanted Twister. Although initially frightened and quite dizzy, over the passing years he grew to enjoy his whirling surroundings and learned many abilities and secrets of the Air Element. This led to Warnado becoming a powerful force and the only known turtle of his kind. Now, the only time he gets dizzy is when standing still.


Element: Life
Primary Attack: Sun Burst
Secondary Attack: Firecracker Vines

Bio: Hatched at the roots of the Tree of Life, Camo is half-dragon, half-plant – with effervescent life energy flowing through his scaly leaves. This power allows him to cultivate fruits and vegetables at a highly-accelerated rate, which causes them to explode when they ripen. Camo's unique gift caught the eye of Master Eon, initially because he was hungry and tried to eat a melon that exploded in his face. But upon realizing his true power, Eon convinced Camo to help the Skylanders protect their world.


Element: Water
Primary Attack: Malacostracan Mace
Secondary Attack: Starfish Bullets


Bio: Wham-Shell was ruler of a kingdom deep in the oceans of Skylands that for a long time lived peacefully. That is, until his underwater utopia was invaded by a legion of oil-drilling trolls that scattered his people to the wind. Armed with a powerful mace that had been handed down from one king to the next for generations, Wham-Shell defeated the greedy trolls and drove them away. Soon after, he joined the Skylanders to help defend against this type of atrocity ever happening again.