The Sketchiest Graphics I Saw On PS4 Today

“Write something nice,” David Jaffe said to me as I started playing Drawn To Death, his team’s forthcoming free-to-play competitive multiplayer game for PS4. “I can’t just write about it,” I told him. “I want people to see this.”


I had already seen Drawn To Death’s unusual pen-sketches-in-a-notebook art style in videos months ago, but wow does it catch your attention in person. The game is a kill or be killed kind of affair, each player wielding extravagant weapons and enjoying the benefits of long health bars. One in-the-know person with whom I discussed the game said that, thanks to those long health bars, it plays like a cross between a competitive shooter and a fighting game.

It’s fun. But it really isn’t the gameplay that has me posting it. Look at that art! Jaffe had quickly told me that it tells a story. All the writing and sketches tell the story of an angst-ridden kid’s life. This game is his imagination, but it also carries his experiences and emotions, literally written into the playing field. And, look, even the sky overhead is part of his notebook. Very cool.

If you’re interested in trying it, you can go to to sign up for early access. You really should see it in action.



Those graphics look great. Loving the style. but... maybe it’s just me... does any one else thing that gameplay looked a bit bland? Like your run of the mill 3rd person shooter from the PS2 era?