The Sims 4 will have no toddlers. None. You can look in ball pits, on precariously high tables, at Lego-eating conventions—anywhere. You will not find them. Many players are upset. How will the game work without that crucial stage of development? Like this.

So that's a bit, um... strange. Don't get me wrong: I wish I could've literally front-flipped right through the years where I drove my parents craziest and was most likely to be carried away by larger breeds of eagle, but it's certainly not natural.


The sound you hear afterward is the player selecting a trait for their newly mutated Sim, a process that ultimately leads to new abilities and lifelong goals. Just, you know, in case you were curious.

This might not be the most elegant process, but I actually had a pretty good time playing The Sims 4 recently. Granted, I spent most of it performing demented social experiments in the name of, er, science (sure, let's go with that), but I can't deny that it seems like a well put-together game, toddlers or not.

So there you go. That's Sims 4 without toddlers. Is it a super crucial feature for you, or do you think first words, first steps, and first traumatic experiences that set the stage for all future crippling insecurities are totally overrated?

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