The Sims 4 Is Getting Magic

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The Sims 4 Realms of Magic expansion is bringing witchcraft and wizardry to The Sims 4.


The Sims has had magic-related expansions in the past, like The Sims’s Makin’ Magic expansion, so it seemed like it would be only a matter of time before The Sims 4 got one. Realm of Magic comes with a new neighborhood called Glimmerbrook, and also a portal to a new world where you can learn spells and potions. It’s coming to PC on September 10th, and console on October 15th.

In the new trailer for Realm of Magic, you can also see some of the new clothing and hairstyles that will be available in the expansion. How cute is that yellow pinafore dress? As excited as I am for flying on a broomstick, I also can’t wait to design some atmospheric altars for my upcoming dabblers in the occult.


Is the Sims DLC and expansion packing it’s way into becoming the ultimate CW simulator or what? Vampires, Teenage Dramas, Magic! Next they’ll have a superhero expansion.