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The Sims Finally Has Great Curly Hair

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I have been waiting with bated breath for The Sims 4’s Cats & Dogs expansion since it was announced in September. I didn’t realize that it would give me something else I’ve been waiting for: curly hair.

If I’m making a sim that’s black, I usually have to compromise on their hair. If I’m loading up the game for the first time or have to remove my mods, I find a game with dozens of fashionable styles for straight and wavy hair, and then maybe some braids and an afro. The Sims 4's cartoony animation style has made creating curly textures much easier. It has a couple of great styles for wavy hair, but curly haired people with dense, thick hair are still out of luck.


With the new Cats & Dogs expansion, The Sims 4 finally has decent curly hair that players can choose right out of the gate. These new Sims hairs look like the curls are so dense that they form a solid mass. If you could touch these curls, I bet you couldn’t run your fingers through them. It’s something I’ve been waiting for since I started playing The Sims as a kid. What’s especially refreshing is that there’s even a few styles. There’s also a longer, looser texture:


For people with even tighter curls, they’ve added another short afro style that’s more modern than the 70s fros the game usually features:


There’s still so many more styles I wish this game had—boxbraids, dreads, afro puffs that aren’t just for toddlers. Still, I’m glad to see these new options, and excited to make some sims with cute, curly hair.