The Sims 4 Celebrity House Update: Rihanna Gets Married

You are cordially invited to the wedding of the century: Rihanna Fenty and Dwayne Johnson are finally tying the knot.

Look, I had other plans for this episode. That all went out the window when Rihanna rolled a want for getting engaged to Dwayne Johnson. Despite having the non-committal trait, she had no problem asking Dwayne to marry her. Rihanna gets what Rihanna wants. Now to call up all of her friends for the wedding!


Okay, so it might not be a world class affair, but the bride is gonna look bangin’. I gave Rihanna a little makeover for the ceremony—I’m really not sure what the real Rihanna would get married in, but I don’t think I did half bad with her hair and makeup.

While Rihanna and Dwayne made an adorable couple, not every guest at the ceremony was happy about the proceedings. Poor Drake.


Now for the tricky part: getting everyone in the same place at the same time for the actual ceremony. This is harder than it looks in The Sims—I have never managed it. (I’ve had poor couples get married in the kitchen while their guests play basketball outside.) I added everyone to a group and moved them all to the newly-created patio. This only helped somewhat.


Apparently Kim would be officiating. Sure! No one else took a seat while the two exchanged vows, but at least they all watched.


After the party was over, the happy couple moved out so I can force them to have babies to start their new adventure. Who would you like to see join the Celeb House next week, gentle readers? Sound off in the comments.

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