The Shocking Coffee-Drinking Habits Of Valve EXPOSED

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It's OK, everyone. Valve drinks coffee too! While filming a vox pop piece in Seattle on the closure of 600 Starbucks stores across the US, local news channel KING5 inadvertently got the scoop on not only where Valve get their coffee, but who's allowed out for coffee runs and even what everyone drinks. As you can see, Gabe Newell does not fuck around, clutching what looks like a Venti Mint Mocha Chip Frappuccino. A mysterious "other guy" keeps things straight with a Grande Espresso Macchiato, while Doug Lombardi - who is surprised, but not shocked at the closures - doubles up on beverages, while lying on camera that it's for a "co-worker" to make him feel better about sneaking out of the office for the afternoon.


Starbucks closing hundreds of stores [KING5, thanks Ryan!]


Luke Plunkett

@Kohath: PLEASE GOD YES. If anyone sees Mark Rein at the supermarket, get a shot of whats in his trolley, thanks.