The Many Secrets Of Dragon Ball Z Video Games

Voice acting quirks, extra animations, unused dialogue — there are as many secrets lurking in Dragon Ball Z video games as there are Dragon Ball Z video games. Did You Know Gaming explores the secrets of the series.


I'm an odd duck when it comes to this series, as I love the games but have no clue what's going on, not having followed the series. I keep buying them for my wife, who has to remind me every time that she's a fan of Dragon Ball, but not so much Dragon Ball Z. Apparently little martial arts boys with tails are adorable.

I am still confused, but Did You Know Gaming is not. They even knew enough to tap KaiserNeko of the Dragon Ball parody group TeamFourStar to narrate this episode.

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This is, BY FAR, my favorite Dragonball Z video game. The sprites had character, the story branched (allowing you to play movie scenarios), the roster was HUGE. Most of all, the music was EXACTLY what expect from a game based on Dragonball Z.

In short: Fuck Atari for never releasing this in the United States!

Video of awesome special moves that Americans never got to see unless they had a hotbox for the Playstation (or an import machine):