The Secret World's Beta Weekends and Early Access are Yours for the Preordering

Want to get in on the beta weekends for Funcom's upcoming paranormal MMO The Secret World? Want up to four days of early access before the game launches? Want an Egyptian Cat as an in-game pet? Man, you sure want a lot. You should probably preorder.


The Secret World beta weekends kick off May 11, giving players that guarantee access by preordering the game a chance to uncover its secrets weeks before the game's June 19 release date. That means they'll have time to explore the world, decide on a faction (Dragon), and pick out an outfit for the game that lets player characters wear whatever the hell they want, booty shorts included.

Along with beta access and the head start, preorder customers will also receive an experience-boosting in-game item; an exclusive in-game t-shirt; name reservation; and a choice of one of three in-game pets to help the player in combat—a wolf, a cat, or a hound.


With more than 750,000 players registered for beta testing, a sure thing is a good thing. Hell, I haven't even played the game yet, maybe I should preorder as well.

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It's not clear whether you will be charged right away if you pre-order or if you'll be charged closer to the time... I'm waiting to speak to someone who can tell me.