The Secret World has Plans. Big Plans. Secret Plans. Monthly Plans.

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Funcom's supernatural real-world MMO The Secret World launched last week, and I'd rather be playing it than telling you about the developer's plans to release new content on a monthly basis, including what sounds like the first online raid of New York City, yet here we are.


I've been playing the hell out of The Secret World and enjoying myself immensely over the past week and a half, often to the detriment to other responsibilities, such as packing for an early morning flight to San Diego. And while I've barely scratched the surface of all the game has to offer, Funcom is gearing up to offer even more. Starting July 31, The Secret World will start a cycle of ongoing monthly updates, bringing fresh new content to the conspiracy theorizing masses.

What sort of content? Here, have some bullet points.

* Monthly mission packs, including a slew of new investigation missions
* New weapons (including a big one that will cause even bigger explosions!)
* Raids (clue for the first one: The Big Apple will never be the same)
* Expanded character customization, including plastic surgery
* A player vs. player dungeon set in an entirely new geographical area
* Dungeon finder tool to make grouping for dungeons much easier
* Seasonal events such as Halloween and Winter Solstice
* Two large adventure areas including new characters, missions, monsters, lore and more
* More social gameplay will be added to the London hub
* Combat will be enhanced significantly both visually and mechanically

What you should take away from those bullet points I so lazily cut and paste: There's going to be a raid on New York City. If you live in New York City, you should start hiding now. New investigation missions means more halfheartedly poking at the in-game web browser before calling for hints over general chat. New weapons? But the weapon skills chart is so pretty as it is! And the dungeon finder means damage-focused characters like me will have a more organized hour-long wait to find a group for any given dungeon. Hooray!

Sounds like Funcom is on top of this one. Of course it's one thing to say we're getting monthly updates, and another thing entirely to deliver. I'd like to think that when a game director named Ragnar Tornquist talks, he means what he says. Then again, I'd also like to think that when a man named Ragnar talks he's about to go into battle with Thor.

State of the Game, July 10th 2012 [The Secret World]



Few questions about this title:

1.) What is the combat system like? I played the hell out of WoW and Rift so I'm kind of worn out on that system.

2.) I heard there is no leveling system, how the hell is progression and stats in this game?

3.) Does it justify the 75 dollar price tag that it requires to get going?