The Second Fan-Made Animal Crossing Quality-Of-Life Update Video Makes My Heart Ache

This is the dream.
Gif: Nick Ha

Back in May, YouTuber Nick Ha and friends put together a faux quality-of-life update video for Animal Crossing: New Horizons featuring dream changes that would make the game so much nicer to play. Now they’ve released part two, with even more outstanding changes. Buying multiple Nook Miles Tickets at once? Calling NPCs in chat? Setting up our own in-game shops? Gimmee.


I watched the video below with my wife, an even more avid Animal Crossing: New Horizons player than myself. Had we recorded commentary, it would have been 12 minutes of whining, squealing, and reaching out to the laptop display beseechingly, as if we could grab the imaginary updates and make them real. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Fast service options in the airport to speed through dialog.
  • Access to the ATM while visiting other players’ islands.
  • The ability to redecorate and construct while visitors are present.
  • Sharps and flats in the island tune designer.
  • Touch screen support for creating designs.
  • Icons indicating if you already own a piece of furniture or clothing before buying.
  • The ability to lock furniture so you don’t accidentally pick it up.
  • More informative Isabelle announcements, including weather forecasts.

I could go on and on. Instead, here’s the video. Watch it, and imagine a much better Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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Man... these videos are so well done but they just make me sad seeing a way more enjoyable game than what we have. I’m sure most of this isn’t something Nintendo can just throw together... but it’d be nice if they committed to making, like, any of these changes.