This week on Kotaku XP, Tim and I asked you to show us your video game Halloween costumes. In the process, we discovered something very spooky.

We saw a lot of excellent Halloween costumes, most of them hand made. As a point of comparison, I provided Tim with some pictures of officially licensed Halloween costumes. They’re a doozy. Gaze upon this adult size Yoshi costume:


There’s something truly unsettling about this adult man wearing a Yoshi costume. Is it the soulless look in his eyes? His serial killer-esque smile? The fact that he is wearing Timberlands? Who can say. All I know is, the thought of it keeps me up at night.

But wait, there’s more:

Frankly, if I saw someone wearing this Toad costume, I would run. No questions asked. I’d just bolt out the door. He’s wearing a nude colored shirt instead of just taking his shirt off, and that’s horrifying.

Is this guy the same guy who was wearing the Yoshi costume, by the way? It looks like it is. How does he feel about where his modeling career has taken him? His smile looks excited about it. But his eyes tell a different story.


I’ve saved the best for last, though:

Photo: Hot Topic

Hot Topic, sincerely: what the fuck? What is even going on here. The fact that you can see this model’s eyes through the mask only makes me believe that he is up to no good. I feel like this is the last thing you see before you die. Just a soulless, glowering cartoon cup mask, with a dead-eyed man staring out from inside.

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