Illustration for article titled The Saturday Stream Plays iGrow Home, /iA Wondrous Robot Adventure (Done!)

If it's worth your time, it's certainly worth mine. Today the Saturday Stream takes a flight of fancy with Ubisoft's Botanical Ultility Droid, the kindest BUD of them all.


An experimental platformer with clunky controls and strange alien physics, Grow Home is nothing short of delightful. It's the exact opposite of dark and gritty, in many ways the anti-thesis of many of the more popular games of the day. I am a huge fan of antitheses. I own an antithesis t-shirt.

Having crash-landed on an alien planet, BUD must ascend to his precariously perched spaceship in order to make it back home. So BUD grows, and everyone gets happy and eats a lot of chips. There's a metaphor in here somewhere but I can't quite grasp it. Maybe you can help. Let's play!

Update: And we're done. Check out the archive below for over an hour of flying, falling, floating, climbing and a little cursing at the beginning.


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