"Is challenged by" might have been a more appropriate turn of phrase to use in the headline, but I figured if I wrote it that way and believed hard enough it would come true. Anyway, let's play Blizzard's MOBA!

Several members of Kotaku have been getting into the MOBA scene these days. As I type this Yannick is likely playing League of Legends, still wondering why the game he is supposed to be playing is taking so long to download as countless rounds go by. I've fiddled around with several MOBAs, most notably the DC Comics-themed Infinite Crisis (launching out of beta later this month!) and Hi-Rez Studios action-oriented Smite.

But this genre sprang forth from a Blizzard game, so it's time to fiddle about with Blizzard's take on the genre it helped spring. Featuring heroes from Lost Vikings on up to Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm is...decidedly different than your average MOBA. More varied game modes, no store to purchase items with in game. I dig it.

Enough to be good at it? Hahahahahaha. No. Watch.

Update: And we're done. Thanks to the folks in the Twitch stream for hopping in and playing with me, it was amazing. :) Here's the archive!