The Saturday Stream Attempts To Play Smite (All Done)

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Having spent last weekend at the Smite World Championships here in Atlanta, I am now a certified expert in all things related to Hi-Rez Studios' third-person action MOBA, with the possible exception of playing it.


There's something about attending a live event that makes a person brave. During the quieter moments of the competition I snuck into the press room, loaded the game onto my laptop ( hooray for free-to-play) and played a few rounds. I wasn't horrible, at least in the game's arena mode. Later I would play against the developers and random people attending the event, and I would whimper like a very sad baby undergoing horribly anti-baby treatment.

I am actually testing two things today. One is my Smite resolve, which I am expecting to falter. The other is Razer's new Seiren microphone, specially crafted with streaming in mind. I've been using a Blue Yeti for awhile, and figured I'd try something new. I know I've been a bit Razer-heavy today, but they have that special something that other hardware makers lack — mainly they answer my emails.


Either way, it's time for me to die horribly with a live audience. Hopefully my screams will sound nice.

Update: The stream is complete! Watch the opening bits for a skin-of-our-teeth win in the arena, followed by horrific defeat. Just brutal.

Watch live video from Bunnyspatial on Twitch

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Blue Yeti is a damn good mic already. :)