Welcome to the first weekly installment of the Saturday Morning Stream, which is just like Saturday morning cartoons, only with more cursing. Let's kick things off with a little romp through The Elder Scrolls Online.

As mentioned in my weekend editor intro post, I am a big fan of massively multiplayer online role-playing games. That having been said, The Elder Scrolls Online is a bit of an odd duck. Having played through every major game in the single-player series, it doesn't have quite the same feel to me as a standard fantasy MMO. It feels like an extension, more than a standalone game.


We'll see if that feeling holds true when I start the arduous review process for the PC version once it launches next month. For now, let's just focus on making sure Twitch works. Click on the link below the video to join Twitch chat!

Update: The stream is over, but the archive lives on forever. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to join in the chat!

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