The Saturday Morning Stream: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [All Done]

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With its movie inspiration webbing up box office money this weekend and our official review forthcoming, I figured it was a good morning to play around with Spider-Man and his amazing friends.


If only there was a Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends game. Iceman and Firestar would be a welcome break from this game's constantly-quipping Peter Parker. At least the web-slinging isn't half-bad. See for yourself in the stream, which should be available below.

Update: The show is over, but the archives live on! Thrill as I struggle to get my microphone working! Gasp as I glitch into walls! Shed a tear as I cry over technical issues!

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The Spiderman 2 game was just as shitty as Spiderman 3 and Amazing Spiderman were. People only hold is in high regard because it was the first real open world Spiderman game and the web swing mechanic, which admittedly was and still is pretty great. It alone does not make a great game though. You want a great Spiderman game that is light years ahead of Spiderman 2? Ultimate Spiderman. Web of Shadows was pretty good too.