The Rocking Chair Controller, The Buckets Of Water Controller

Students at New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program weren't trying to make video games when they found ways to use a rocking chair or two buckets full of water as controllers.


They didn't make games. They made tech art that I want to play.

While I scoffed at the inflatable rubber boat that I recently used to "help" myself control an Xbox 360 game, I cheer the experiments here. These look like fun projects, which I'd happily paddle and rock through.

At NYU Show, Tech Takes an Artistic Turn [IEEE Spectrum, via KillScreen Magazine's Twitter]



At SIGGRAPH last year there were these umbrellas that could "record" the impacts that were made against them. You would hold the handle, and they'd play a video of them dropping things on it. It was so accurate that when they dropped a bunch of rubber snakes on it and you could easily tell that's what it was. They also recorded rain of course, and if you closed your eyes it was just like you were standing out in a storm.