Crecente and I hosted the latest Kotaku Talk Radio podcast today, and now you can download the one-hour show to hear us talk Gamescom, Halo Reach and both the future and noisiness of jetpacks.

Jetpacks... everybody is wearing them, in video games at least. That's just one of the deep topics we cover. I do my best to field your Halo Reach questions and Crecente can barely contain himself from spilling the beans about the best games he played at Gamescom (some of which apparently he can't discuss yet!)


And then we end with rants. Two good fiery ones.

For extra reference, this is the 2009 Gamescom jetpack thing Crecente was talking about.

Hosts: Stephen Totilo and Brian Crecente
Ranter: Owen Good and ... Crecente!
Callers: You wonderful people.


Listen to the podcast here. [Chat About It]

Full download instructions for this and all KTR episodes.
Download the MP3 [Right-click and choose 'Save As' NOTE: Link currently isn't working; we're checking with our partners at CBS to get that fixed.]
Get it through iTunes [iTunes]
Download to your Zune [Zune]

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