The Rise And Fall Of Nintendo... As A Rock Band

Link as a European EDM legend. Wario's dumb laugh. Mario's sex tape and drug addiction. Skater Mega Man. Bowser's tiny puppy. Peach's pop career. The band going viral. Rolling Shell Magazine. Yoshi gets an island. Yoshi gets an island. This video is perfect.


I'm not often prone to straight out gushing, but this video re-imagining Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Link, and more as the story of a rock band's meteoric rise and drug-fueled fall is incredible. So clever, so spot-on, so many great cameos and references. Man. This just made me so happy.

If Nintendo's world was a VH1-friendly rock fantasy, this would be it. All the actors nail the look and feel of their parts, and this video weaves so many Nintendo tropes into a band story in a way that actually makes sense.


The craziest part? The video is by a band called Patent Pending, so they also released an entire EP of the music used in the video. It's... kinda good! Definitely catchy, amusingly cliched, and one of the songs has more consecutive uses of the word "bro" than I've ever heard in a single three minute span—all of which makes sense given the context.

Watch it. I know it's a little lengthy, but pull up a chair, get comfortable, and prepare yourself for fully serious lines like, "You don't understand what it's like to look back and realize you tornado punched your own brother. I've gotta live with that." So good.

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Christine Q.

I maybe got a minute in before my mind uttered "Uhhhhh....Nope."