You can spend $50 on Trion Worlds' massively-multiplayer online role-playing game Rift and just get the game, or you can spend a little more and score the game plus this nifty riding turtle. But wait, there's more!

Not only do you get the lovely in0game turtle mount at level 20 when you purchase the Rift Collector's Edition at participating retailers, you also get a collector's satchel that increases your backpack's storage capacity to 24, and a Bogling Wastrel to follow you around, letting other players know that you spent $80 on the game.


And that's just the digital extra content. The box also contains an 8GB Rift USB drive, which sounds handy; a CD packed with 17 tracks of music from game composer Inon Zur; a SteelSeries gaming mouse pad; and the Telara Chronicle, which contains all five issues of the Rift comic book in one hardcover graphic novel.

Sounds like $80 worth of Rift to me. Check out the official Rift exclusives page for details on which retailer has the store-specific preorder bonus that'll sweeten the pot for your particular play-style.

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