[Image: NicoNico]

Fastfood chain Lotteria has lost its mind. Yet again.

Back in 2013, Kotaku reported on the “With Everything Burger” (“zenbu nose baagaa” or 全部のせバーガー), which came with lettuce, cabbage, egg, a slice of cheese, a cheeseburger, a rib patty, a fried shrimp patty, a beef patty, pickles and various sauces, like ketchup, mayo, and teriyaki sauce.

All that apparently clocks in at 1,365kcal. Heh.

It’s come back in the past, and according to BigGlobe News, the burger is coming back again like it seems to do annually. Shocking, I know. It will return for a limited time starting on April 28. It’s priced at 1,350 yen (US$12.30) and looks like this in real life.



Bon appétit!

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