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Hardcore gamers like to point and laugh at Facebook games, but sometimes they're all we've got. Commenter Faux Bravo wants to know if there are any Facebook games worth his valuable supposed-to-be-working time.


I know this is blasphemy, but are there any Facebook games out there that are worthwhile? Do you guys play anything that you really enjoy? I'm looking for something that has a little more gameplay involved than, say, Mafia Wars or other boring games where you click "Do Quest," you lose some stamina, and then the quest is complete. I want more interaction.

I started playing Marvel: Avengers Alliance and I'm kind of digging it so far. It's sort of typical Facebook-game fair, but there are turn-based battles involved. It's like a console RPG but without the exploration. Not bad.


My reason for asking is because if I'm going to screw around on the internet when I should be doing homework, I'd like to be gaming. "Why don't you just play a game?" You ask. Well, a game removes me completely from the work I should be doing. Games need to be started up and are often times a pain to minimize. A Facebook game can be running in the background. It can be left alone after a few minutes while I return to my studying.

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