There are many devious puzzles in 90's classic, and often infuriating, computer game 7th Guest. So you may not have noticed that when the puzzler made its way to the iPhone and iPad it was missing one particularly teeth-grinding one.

The original Microscope game in the 7th guest used a custom built AI engine that had you fighting to win out against another infection to take over the playing board. The mini-game, a version of the arcade classic Ataxx, ended up getting cut from the iOS version.


But later this month 7th Guest developers Trilobyte are releasing Infection as a $2.99 standalone for the iPhone or iPad.

"I'm excited to bring this new iteration of a familiar puzzle to handheld mobile platforms and a new generation of gamers," said Rob Landeros, co-founder of Trilobyte and Trilobyte Games, LLC; CEO and Art Director/Designer on all projects. "This puzzle did not make the port from original source to the iOS version of The 7th Guest. Fans quickly told us how important this puzzle was to gamers. So our team spent a lot of time with game design and adding an insanely brilliant AI engine to bring depth and richness to the re-created puzzle."

In the game players take turns (either with another player or the AI), helping the microbes you control spread across the 7 by 7 square grid. The game ends when all of the cells have been filled. The winner is the player with the most microbes.

The iOS version has a new look and soundtrack, game center integration, seven difficulty levels and the ability to play against Stauf, the insane toy builder behind 7th Guest. The game is set to hit the devices in the next two weeks.

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