Despite the impending release of its successor, the PlayStation Vita, the PlayStation Portable is going out in Europe with one final model, the dirt-cheap PSP E-1000, priced at a ridiculous ‚ā¨99.99.

The savings come at a cost, though, as according to a little review of the PSP's swansong over at Eurogamer, it's not exactly built to the same standards as previous models of the handheld.

Eurogamer say it looks and feels a little cheap, but most surprising of all is that the E-1000 is as big as the original PSP-1000 model from all the way back in 2004.

Also missing from this new version are a remote port, video out and stereo sound. It does gain some things, though, notably an improved screen from the PSP-3000 and a fancy new menu bar along the bottom of the handheld.

The E-1000 is a Europe-only release.

PSP E-1000 REVIEW [Eurogamer]

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