The PS3 "Ultimate Blu-Ray Movie Kit"

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This is the "Ultimate Blu-Ray Movie Kit", a special PS3 bundle that's being offered at a major Australian retailer. It's got absolutely nothing to do with games, but still, it's an interesting retail proposition.

There are two of them available, both of which bundle two Blu-Ray movies along with a PS3 remote control. One offers you 300 & Batman Begins, the other offers 300 & 10,000 BC.

The interesting part comes in the retail price; both are sold for AUD$60 (USD$50), even though the remote retails for AUD$50 on its own and both Blu-Rays would set you back at least AUD$30 each.


So if you like any of the three movies on offer, and are without one of the excellent PS3 remotes (and Australia), it's a pretty good deal.


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I bought one of those remotes for about $10 US on clearance during the PS3's "troubled period" (around early-mid 2007) and can attest to their quality.

They work over bluetooth which is quite weird at first, seeing as human habit is to point the remote at the device, or at the very least the TV. Of course since it's bluetooth you could sit on the thing and still use it (not recommend).

It DOES take up one of your bluetooth channels however, so once you pair the remote you can only use six controllers instead of seven, but I'm sure that won't affect most people.