The PS Vita Goes Social With Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, and Skype

Along with a series of Sony-built applications for keeping players playing together, the PlayStation Vita will come fully equipped to keep them connected to their favorite social networks. Wow, it's like a mobile phone that plays games!


During today's Sony press conference at Gamescom, the company's Jim Ryan (who we kept mistaking for James Bond actor Daniel Craig) walked us through the social features coming to the Vita whenever it launches. On the Sony side we've got Near, which helps keep track of Vita players near you, Party, which allows players to make parties, and Live Area, which doesn't follow the neat and tidy naming convention of the previous two.

And then we've got the essentials: Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and Foursquare, four social media programs I'd be more excited about if everything electronic I own didn't already connect to them. Each of those we be available as free downloads at a point on or around the handheld's release date.

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Ejia Kinja Lost

I must be the only person here that doesn't use any of those social media things. I still have a LiveJournal, for goodness sake.

Does the Vita have a camera it can use for Skype?