The PRQOTY (Press Release Quotes Of The Year) Awards

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Don't think you guys realise just how many press releases get crammed in our cramholes on a daily basis. And just how many of those press releases are batshit crazy. So let's take a look!


Alex Litel over at GameSetWatch has combed through around 1500 press releases to find the year's best/worst/awesomest press release quotes. As in, the most outlandish, pompous, most bullshit things a PR team thought it'd be a good idea to put their name to.

It's great breakfast reading. There's stuff like:

“Imagine being rushed by an eight-foot tall, nine hundred pound grizzly bear. You are not thinking about stuffing the bear and placing it in your mountain cabin. Your only instinct is avoiding death.” - Dave Oxford, Activision


“My Horse and Me is a great success story for Atari as it brought something special to equestrian gamers with its realistic depiction of the horse riding lifestyle. We are taking the realism and entertainment of the original game even further with the sequel. Our goal is to establish My Horse and Me 2 as the leading equestrian gaming brand and give players the most authentic and entertaining way to enjoy the horse riding lifestyle in a game.” - Cyril Voiron, VP Brand Management, Worldwide Publishing, Atari

Truly amazing stuff. Full run-down's at the link below.

COLUMN: Bell, Game, and Candle - 'The Top Fifty Press Release Quotes Of 2008' [GameSetWatch]



Hatman's Burner Died So Back To This One

"Activision's brands are at the forefront of entertainment and popular culture today, and this opportunity is a perfect match for my creative philosophy and approach, which is to truly engage and inspire consumers in new ways delivering compelling content which people actively engage in - mirroring the success of Activision's core business today."

Brad Jakeman, Chief Creative Officer, Activision

Paraphrasing Sam L. Jackson here - SENSE MOTHERFUCKER! DO YOU MAKE IT!?