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The preliminary list of games for Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 has been released. The list is not final and will certainly change before a final schedule is made, but there are a lot of games to get excited about. The charity speedrunning event will happen in January 2019.


I've played all of the Baldur's Gate games.

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The first thing on the list is PJ’s ActRaiser 2 on hard. It’s a great run, but for my money one of the greatest feat in gaming are his Difficulty 202 runs of the game. It’s the hardest beatable glitched difficulty value. Let me explain: since the password system of the game has no sanity check, so you can pass with it absurd values for the difficulty. As a result the game goes fetch values for the hp and damage of enemies in totally the wrong places. In 202, most enemies kill you instantly and have way too much hp to make them worth killing. It’s a crazy and tense run.

I suspect it’s almost impossible to make these 202 runs marathon-safe, but  maybe he will be crazy enough to try it!