Illustration for article titled The Power of the Giraffe Compels You

I don't care how damn old it is, they put me in charge of the Open Thread post while Kirk is at the Game Developers Conference and if that means giraffe pictures, then so be it.


With my luck they'll be some sort of Gawker-wide moratorium on giraffe pictures resulting in instant termination. In case of such an occurrence, stay tuned for tomorrow's Open Thread, brought to you by someone so new and nervous they just post a completely blank image.

The giraffe will still be there, lurking in the murky recesses of your eyes, pointing at the duck of justice, calling me home.


It's been a really long day. Let's look at some stuff!

And that's the end of my 12-hour day. Come back tomorrow to see if I can get anymore deliriously tired.

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