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The Power Of Kamehameha

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit is coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next month, and Atari is gearing up for a massive advertising blitz centered around the power of everyone's favorite energy wave, Kamehameha! Along with the three videos you may have seen elsewhere, Atari was nice enough to give us the exclusive clip above, displaying how shouting the name of the first king of Hawaii can make everything alright.

Hit the jump for the other three clips, which get progressive more amusing as they go along.


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@Evil Tortie's Mom: Last king of Hawaii was Kalakaua (second 'a' is long). Last monarch was Queen Kapiolani. Kamehameha was the first to unite all of the islands under a single ruler. There were four successors, and then they had to start choosing other people because Kamehameha V's (i.e., King Lot's) love remained unrequited. He was kinda chubby, so I can see why she went for Chuck. I can't believe I remember this stuff. I haven't thought about it for 18 years. (Every fourth-grade class in Hawaii has a section on Hawaiiana, which is where I learned this.)