The PlayStation VR Bundle Is A Pretty Good Deal

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It was a little disconcerting earlier this week when Sony announced PlayStation VR at $400 without mentioning that you also need to buy the peripheral camera, which is sold separately, to use the machine. Fortunately, they just announced a bundle that seems like the best way to buy this thing.


For $500, you can get the VR device, the camera, and two PlayStation Move controllers (remember those?). You’ll also get a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds, Sony’s Nintendoland-like package of five VR games including The London Heist.

They’re gonna open up pre-orders on Tuesday March 22 at 10am Eastern. Not to sound too skeptical, but here’s hoping Sony gives this thing more support than they did Move, EyeToy, Wonderbook, 3D TVs, and Vita.



Yeah, I already have the camera and 2 Move controllers. No core bundle in the US is a straight up finger to U.S. consumers. Good job Sony.