Last month, Kotaku first reported that Optimus Prime was getting a special PlayStation Transformer. But that was concept art only! Now, we get a look at the actual toy. It's wonderful.

Website Radio Kaikan attended a figure event in Tokyo's Akihabara where the 19cm-tall Optimus Prime PlayStation Transformer was on display.

[Photo: Radio Kaikan]

[Photo: Radio Kaikan]

The back of the Optimus Prime is... the back of a PlayStation. Brilliant!

[Photo: Radio Kaikan]

And here is the the PlayStation that the Optimus Prime transforms into.

The Optimus Prime PlayStation Transformer is expected to be out next year in Japan.

「2014夏 ホビーメーカー合同商品展示会」開催! [Radio Kaikan]

Top photo: Radio Kaikan

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