The PlayStation Network Unleashes Ultimate Editions for One Week Only

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Proving once again that it pays to wait when it comes to the hottest PlayStation 3 games, today Sony is launching Ultimate Editions, a selection of hit PS3 titles bundled with all of their downloadable content for one low price. How much would you pay for complete editions of Red Dead Redemption, BioShock 2, or L.A. Noire?


They're like Game of the Year editions, only downloadable. Today through June 4, PlayStation 3 owners can hop onto the PlayStation Network and purchase more-or-less complete editions of some of the hottest older games on the console for 30 percent off what all the bits would have cost individually. For a DLC-heavy game like Motorstorm Apocalypse, scoring the whole shebang for $50.49 isn't too shabby.

Of course it's even better when you're a PlayStation Plus member. Then the bundles are 50 percent off, dropping that Call of Duty: Black Ops Ultimate Edition from $66.46 to $46.54. Maybe it's finally time I look into hooking up a year of PlayStation Plus.

Here's the full list of Ultimate Editions going up today.

  • Red Dead Redemption with Legends and Killers, Liars and Cheats and Undead Nightmare — $27.99 ($19.59 for PlayStation Plus)
  • InFAMOUS 2 Complete Edition — $33.99 ($23.79 for PlayStation Plus)
  • BioShock 2 with Exclusive Character Pack, Minerva's Den, The Protector Trials, Rapture Metro and Sinclair Solutions — $27.99 ($19.59 for PlayStation Plus)
  • MotorStorm Apocalypse — $50.49 ($35.34 for PlayStation Plus)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops with First Strike, Escalation, Annihilation and Rezurrection Packs — $66.49 ($46.54 for PlayStation Plus)
  • L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition — $27.99 ($19.59 for PlayStation Plus)
  • Mafia II with Betrayal of Jimmy, Greaser Pack, Jimmy's Vendetta, Joe's Adventure, Renegade Pack, Vegas Pack and Hero Pack — $20.99 ($14.69 for PlayStation Plus)
  • Just Cause 2 Ultimate Edition - $20.99 ($14.69 for PlayStation Plus)
  • Mortal Kombat with the Warrior Bundle and Klassic Skins Pack 1 — $34.99 ($24.49 for PlayStation Plus)

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I've been sort of curious about Red Dead Redemption for a while now. This sounds like a pretty good deal. May have to pick that up sometime.

What does the InFamous 2 one come with, aside from the main game? The only thing I was aware of that came out for that was Festival of Blood, which is actually a stand-alone, not a proper DLC (since it doesn't require the main game). Though I suppose there is the powers pack, and a couple of little skin replacer things.