The PlayStation 4 Universal Media Remote Gets The Job Done

Tired of controlling Netflix and Hulu on your PlayStation 4 with an unwieldy game controller? Probably not, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a remote around, like this official one. It has buttons that make the PS4 and other devices do things.

Crafted for Sony by the fine folks at PDP, the playStation 4 Universal Media Remote is the sort of accessory that’s pretty easy to evaluate. It connects to the console via Bluetooth, and once connected allows the user to navigate PS4 menus, control entertainment apps—that sort of thing.


It’s nice to hold, with a lovely textured back for easy gripping. The underside of the remote features a graceful curve, making it feel slightly better in the hand than a long flat rectangle.

Start up a game and the PlayStation 4 Universal Media remote shuts down all of the PS4 controls except for the Home button, which is great in case it gets stuck in the couch and you wind up sitting on it. I’ve lost the remote three or four times now, which just proves it is an actual remote control.


Oh here, I took a video.

Being a universal remote, the device also controls things like the relatively old Westinghouse I have mounted far too high on my office wall. The automatic scan function didn’t work for the television, but three quick code inputs later I was powering it on and off like a champ. Having lost the original remote for this television years ago, I was finally able to navigate the menus and switch the screen to Game Mode, so that’s a thing.


Look kids, it’s Yoda! You like Yoda.

Cable boxes, audio amplifiers—this thing does it all, by which I mean everything you would expect it to. For $30 (cheaper than that at most places I checked) you could buy many things that do not control a PlayStation 4 and other devices remotely, but they wouldn’t...control a PlayStation 4 and other devices remotely.


There are a few issues still being ironed out with the remote. You can’t back out of Hulu menus for one, so that’s a dealbreaker for the Hulu dependent. That and the volume control pass-through isn’t really a thing, so you’ll have to switch device buttons before turning your TV or amp sound up and down. Otherwise it does the things.

The PlayStation 4 Universal Media Remote by PDP. It’s pretty nice.

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