The PlayStation 3 Launches In Incredibly Expensive Brazil

Nine months after the official launch of the PlayStation 2 in Brazil, Sony brings the high-definition magic of the PlayStation 3 to the South American country, with a launch price of roughly $1130, $278 less than originally planned.

Video games are expensive in Brazil. When the PlayStation 2 launched there last November, the asking price for the then nine-year-old system was around $461.


So it makes sense that the PlayStation 3 carry a higher price tag. Today the 120GB PlayStation 3 Slim goes on sale at Sony Style stores around the country for 1,999 Brazil Reais, which at current exchange rates equals approximately $1,130. Pretty steep, but it could have been worse.

According to Anderson Gracias, division manager of Sony PlayStation Brazil, the original price was to be 2,499 Brazil Reais, or $1,408. In order to stay competitive with the Xbox 360, which sells for R $999 to R $1,599 in the country, Sony is subsidizing part of the cost.

Brazil will get the PlayStation Network in three phases, beginning in 2011 with a Portuguese translation. Then Brazilian content will be added, and finally the service will be tweaked to work with the services available in the country.


Edit: Updated the headline with the correct amount. Originally listed $500, but meant 500 Reais. Also added R in frotn of Xbox 360 prices to indicate Reais.

Update: Reader Joaquim notes that unofficial imported versions of the PlayStation 3 Slim 120GB unit currently retail for R $1,299, or $734 USD. These units only carry the three month warranty required by law, and will not be supported by Sony.


For $ 1,999, Sony Style starts selling PS3 in Brazil on Wednesday [UOL Jogos (translated from Portuguese) - Thanks Claudio!]

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