LA Game Space is an ambitious idea to seize an old warehouse in the Arts District of Los Angeles, California and turn it into what sounds like a home for game design and independent titles.

Its creators aren't looking to turn it into a store, or an arcade, but something a little more serious and, dare I say it, important. Currently up on Kickstarter with a $250,000 goal, if met the team will be opening a place that houses things like workshops, exhibitions, research labs, series for public speakers and even residencies for indie game makers.

In other words, a headquarters (or at least focal point) of sorts for independent video game culture.

Some of the people involved include Daniel Rehn and Attract Mode's Adam Robezzoli, while LA Game Space's "advisory board" counts people like Giant Robot's Eric Nakamuram, Venus Patrol's Brandon Boyer and TIGSource's Derek Yu as members.

There's plenty more info below, including some damn cool pledge prizes (like custom pixel portraits from big-time pixel artists).

LA Game Space - a place for re-imagining video games [Kickstarter]