The People Behind Kirby's Epic Yarn Are Making A New Yoshi Game

Just look at that adorable twine Yoshi. This new Yoshi game, made by the folks who made Kirby's Epic Yarn was announced for Wii U this morning.


We really enjoyed Kirby's Epic Yarn, a Wii game starring a knitted version of the obese pink furball that came out back in 2010.

We don't have many more details on the new game, other than the short teaser that you can see above. But it sure is cute.



Hmm, interesting. I guess this means that whatever Retro's been working on, it wasn't the rumored Yoshi title. Wonder what they could be working on, then...

This game looks pretty fun. I had hoped for something more in the vein of Yoshi's Island than Yoshi's Story, but it looks pretty enjoyable nonetheless.