Which PC franchises are getting better with age, and which are getting worse? Before we go any further, know that this is not science. It's just the results of a survey a single website specialising in PC gaming ran a little while ago. Like our own grand census from a few years back, that makes it interesting, but not something indicative of the entire gaming population.

Got it? OK, let's get into it.

Most of the results are as you'd expect. Elder Scrolls and Total War out front, C&C and Dragon Age bringing up the rear. There were a few surprises, though. You hear a lot of people bitch about Civ V, but it seems to fare pretty well here. Maybe people who read PC Gamer are just really into it, but it's just as likely to be the result of the vocal, angry minority being drowned out by those who actually enjoyed the radical changes made to the series.


As for the Battlefield result...hilarious.

Which franchises are getting better, which are getting worse? The PC Gamer poll results [PC Gamer]