The Past, Present, And Future Of Resident Evil

Has it really been fifteen years since the S.T.A.R.S. team took their first steps inside of a zombie-filled mansion on the outskirts of Raccoon City? This 15th Anniversary video celebrates the past decade and a half of Resident Evil, while giving us a taste of what's still to come.


Man, those original games haven't aged well, have they? The original Resident Evil in particular is completely laughable by today's standards, with its gloriously bad voice acting and stiff animations. Still, it was the game that proved that you didn't need high-profile voice actors and cutting-edge technology to scare the pants off of players.

Fifteen years later the series is still going strong, with five more titles in the works along with another damn movie. It's hard to look back fondly when the series is still this active.


Still, you never forget the first time zombie dogs break through the window. Thanks, Capcom.

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They're also working on a sequel to the Resident Evil: Degeneration CGI movie. It looks like it stars Leon and what appears to be Chris.

Personally I think we're getting a little flooded with RE games this year...a remake of both Code Veronica AND Resident Evil 4? And this will be the 4th iteration of RE4 to boot. What more could they possibly add that the Wii version didn't include? Even more extra costumes and weapons? I've beaten the game 5 times already, they're going to need more than that to convince me to cough up yet another $60 - I'm not sure that even another side story like Seperate Ways or Assignment Ada would be worth it.

I do have hope for Operation Raccoon City, however. I think that if they're going to go in the direction of action-shooters, we need to be able to run while shooting and play 4-player co-op. I miss the old Survival-Horror, but it's a lot harder to scare me now that I'm not an eight year old. Supposedly, Revelations is going back in that direction though, so it looks like they're trying to please everyone; I just hope they don't fail to please anyone.

Lastly, despite playing RE4's Mercenaries, RE5's mercenaries, and RE5's mercenaries:reunion, I'm still willing to pay full price for Mercenaries 3D, despite it being a minigame. Why? Because me and my friends have so much fun playing against/with each other trying to get high scores, and because, if I'm not mistaken, if Leon is a playable character, this will be the first time he and Chris will come into contact. Hell, any pair of RE4 and RE5 mercenaries would amuse me; Leon + Ada, Hunk + Chris, Krauser + Wesker...hopefully we get a huge selection for the price were paying, something like every available one from RE4, RE5, RE5: Gold and more. It's a Day 1 purchase if they add Claire Redfield to the game.