The Ouya Controller Will Change, Because Developers Complained About It

In a post on their website yesterday, the team behind open source console Ouya announced some changes to their controller based on repeated complaints they've received from developers. As one of the highest funded Kickstarter projects ever, the Ouya team has been insistent on working with their investors, and at least for now seems to be sticking to their word.


The biggest change—and apparently the most frequent gripe—is to the controller's D-pad, which was originally an almost flat disk shape. Now the Ouya controller sports a nifty looking indented "cross" shaped D-pad, for added precision. Other less notable changes include increased sensitivity in the touch pad, triggers that hug a little closer to the body of the peripheral, rubberized thumbsticks, and a more "snug" battery bay. Hopefully Ouya can maintain positive interaction like this as the console's "early 2013" launch date approaches.

It's all about control [Ouya via The Escapist]

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