The Other East Coast Lich King Launch

While perhaps not as glamorous as the posh New York City Best Buy launch Jim attended last night, the other end of the East Coast was representing last night at the Mansell GameStop in Roswell, Georgia for the World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King midnight launch. There were chicken wings, and pizza, and...more chicken wings. And the costumes! You should have seen the costumes! Okay, I was probably the most costumed person there, but I don't think documentary director Roger Michael Moore is a race in WoW...yet.

It bears noting that A - I did not pick the still picture that accompanies this video...that was pure Adam, and B - I've got a recently emptied Hooters chicken wing box sitting next to me, a testament to the value of attending midnight launches.


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(DEAD) Goldwings - Remembered for his bravery and heroism... xD

lol you took a couple of things home. WoW, Memories and I KNOW you took those Chicken Wings home ;D

Great Vid.